Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Product Review #1: Bac'Un Bits, Parmela Cheese Sub, Kool Ranch Kale Chips

Frontier Natural Products Co-op Bac'Uns Vegetarian Bits (Vegan, Kosher)

As my friend Alison and I would say in delight: "Peegs in sheet! Peegs in sheet!"(Apparently 99% of all New Yorkers think everyone who grew up in Iowa had a pig as a pet. But I digress...)These little crunchy crumblers are delicious - SJM and I have been mad pouring them on our "too hot to cook" salads like pork starved olde tyme miner 49-ers. The great thing about these pork-less bacons is you don't have to worry you are eating human flesh by proxy (Yes, I take "Deadwood VERY seriously), or eating some poor, little Iowa farm girl's one and only piggie friend. I will be keeping my fridge stocked with these babies!


Parmela - Grated Parmesan Cheese Replacer

If it smells like Parmesan, and it tastes like Parmesan - it must be...raw nuts, fermented soybeans, nutritional yeast, soy sauce and lactic acid! Okay, it doesn't look like dairy Parmesan - however, it is by far the best cheese replacer I have ever tried. Excellent in pesto or atop pasta - especially good to serve omnis who are terrified of "fake" cheese.


Rhythm SuperFoods - Kale Chips - Kool Ranch
My journalistic integrity (I don't have any) may have been compromised with this product. I sort of turn into a twine-ball- making-Depression-era grandma in regards to Kale chips. "Why would you buy them when you can make them fresh yourself?"  However, since they were on sale I bought a bag to try. I hated them and may have likened them to looking and tasting like ear wax. To be fair, I called in SJM for a second opinion. He thought they were "okay". He then looked at the package and said: "You don't like ranch.". Oh, yeah. I hate ranch flavor, although I do not think these tasted particularly like ranch flavor. SJM and I both agreed that these chips leave a slightly unpleasant coating in your mouth best described by SJM as: "How your mouth feels after eating French's onion pieces". I described it as "a lardy after-taste". SJM also said he wished they weren't such teeny-tiny crumbs. (The package may have gotten smashed in my bag.)  Like your granny, I still think my homemade are better (SJM agrees).


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